How to use 3D printing in Education?

3D printing builds students’ creativity and imagination, but it also teaches them how to apply these skills in real life – to explore usability and practicability, and test the limits of their knowledge and the possibilities of the technology.

The opportunity to turn their own idea into reality is very satisfying, motivating them to finish even longer and more complicated projects. It allows them to collaborate and actively research information – these technologies are built on a community that shares its knowledge with each other. It illustrates phenomena from different school subjects at the same time, from geometry in drawing a 3D model to chemistry and physics in exploring the properties of different materials in printing (melting point, hardness, elasticity, thermal expansion, etc.).

Operating a 3D printer is no more complicated than operating a conventional computer and it is easy for students and teachers to acquire the necessary knowledge. 3D printing technology is no longer just the preserve of scientists and technology enthusiasts but has something to offer you and your school.